About us

"Dolce Abbraccio" arises from the intuition of three persons fascinated by ice cream, Lenka, Luca and Giuseppe who, combining their passion, professional and cultural heritage, have gathered the excellence of the Italian style in the field of ice cream and confectionery with the best of Ceck culture and knowledge.

All our products are manufactured by ourselves, expression of the highest Italian school of ice cream and confectionery; combining the strictness for the quality of the raw material with the carefulness to their origin and the methodology of production, in a perfect union of ingredients from Ceck and Italy.

The combination of ingredients and their equilibrium are studied on the sensory level to originate paths of savour. Each one of our creations has been invented to have everyone abandoned to a moment of intense pleasure.

We leave to You the pleasure of tasting our paths of savour and to us the privilege of attending You. Dolce Abbraccio is not only ice cream and confectionery but an elegant ambient where to find a range of products that can satisfy Your needs all day long. You can enjoy our menu for breakfast or our aperitives.

Everything is prepared with our care and attention to offer You a quality service.

Vouchers are available