And here it is! With the opening time change (Monday – Friday opening at 8:00) we have prepared a brand new breakfast menu for you. It contains not only cakes and confectionery but also salty and healthy meal to start your day

Scrambled eggs

salad, toasted bread, butter snidane8


ham, or spinach, salad, toasted bread, butter snidane7

Fried eggs

ham, or spinach, salad, toasted bread, butter snidane6

Continental breakfast

ham, cheese, lightly boiled or boiled egg, toasted bread, butter snidane5

Italian awakening

croissant empty, with marmalade or cream, cappucino, fresh orange juice snidane4

Sweet awakening

müsli, yogurt, apple cake, tea, fresh orange juice snidane3


ham, cheese, salad snidane2

Healthy breakfast

fruit salad, yogurt, marmalade, honey, fresh orange juice snidane1